Schlagwort: <span>Dolphin Trust Dr. Andre Klein</span>

Established in 2008, Dolphin Trust is the culmination of 25 years of experience working in the German property market and bringing the opportunity to the international market. For years we have been earning the trust of our clients by delivering on exceptional results in all our projects.

Our extensive team of professionals include planners, architects, developers, project managers, sales professionals and real estate professionals who have worked for years to ensure their trade is second to none.

Our commitment to transparent and secure processes that protects clients has helped us grow the popularity of the Dolphin Capital product in the last 6 years. Our track record, together with our continuous success with credit ratings, has offered confidence in people that the Dolphin Capital model is a secure and positive option which can offer generous returns.

We have offices in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. We are currently looking at expanding into new markets.